Evaluation forms and post-event surveys have frustratingly low response rates. Trying to get attenders to tell you what they thought about any aspect of your event can be time-consuming but yield very little information.

Textocracy gives you a simple way for everyone in your audience to be able to provide real-time, live-time feedback on all aspects of your event. From what they think about the speaker, to whether the room is a comfortable temperature, to what they would like to see different next time, when you provide them with a Textocracy number you will get immediate comments while they are fresh in people’s minds.

Unlike twitter and twitter walls, Textocracy lets people remain anonymous. They don’t have to have a smartphone, or worry about an internet connect or wi-fi. It’s instant- so you get a rich data feed of useful information. nokianotalltweet2

Much of the problem with current ways to feed back is that you have to rely on people taking the time after the fact to fill in a paper form, then you have to collate the information after the event.

Textocracy provides you with a live dashboard that you can monitor easily throughout the event, and a data report of all comments that you can look at in more detail later. You can see an example of an actual dashboard here.

For more information about how Textocracy can help you get more feedback simply and easily just contact Elizabeth at elizabeth[at]textocracy[dot]org.