Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are in the news again today. Critics say they are an “agenda for cuts”. In fact, two-thirds include plans to close hospitals or downgrade services. Efficiency savings of £22 billion are being cited as one driver of the plans, as well as the need to improve services and access to them for patients.

Regardless of what you  may think of the STPs, there is no doubt they mean change to how many people access health and social care services in their local areas, and what services exist there. And change of course means the Public Law Duty to Consult.

In times of tight budgets and with the additional work that comes with big changes, the pressure of consultation on public sector organisations can be daunting, and expensive.

We at Textocracy have worked for decades in the NHS and local government, and we understand those pressures. But we also realise that in our own work in the past we often did not provide the best opportunity for all members of the public to have their say.

Written consultations that require a good degree of literacy, online consultation that require internet access or a tech savvy user, intimidating focus groups or inconvenient Town Hall meetings exclude many people, and keep response rates around 2%.

That’s why we have designed the simplest, most universally accessible method we could, that is labour-light and affordable for organisations. It reduces the burden on staff to conduct consultations, while giving the 99.1% of people in your area who own at least a simple mobile phone the opportunity to have their say.


  • You don’t need anyone’s contact details or to handle personal information
  • You don’t need any new software or IT installed
  • The information that comes in is instantly viewable
  • You get reports of all the information that comes in from your constituents
  • It’s free and anonymous for the people who send in their comments

We can help you make plans for your consultation, as the STPs become definite proposals that need to go out for consultation. We will make it straightforward and efficient for you to give almost everyone in your local area the chance to easily have their say in your local plans.

From our own experience in the NHS and local government, we are committed to making consultation easy and efficient for organisations, while giving everyone who uses those services to have their say.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about how we can help you with your consultations on the STPs. Please ring Elizabeth on 07850117797, or email elizabeth[at]textocracy[dot]org.

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