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SMS is the most accessible method for capturing real-time feedback from customers, service users, and attenders, beating even the smiley face or 1-5 scale ticky box- and here’s why:

Just about everyone has their phone on them- usually in their hand, but at least in a pocket or bag about their person. If you have a reaction to something you may think about feeding that thought into the provider of the service, or product, or event you’re experiencing. As the provider, you have a split second to capture that thought before the customer moves on to something else. A million other distractions will stand between your customer and the point at which she is able to find the right tool to capture that thought- have to log into an app? -register by setting up a login or password? -worry about being anonymous or getting in a spam loop of endless marketing? -or, heaven forbid, ring a switchboard or compose an email (also not anonymous). Easier just to keep that thought to herself. 

With SMS, she can just pick up her phone and send a quick text – she can say what she wants, in her own words, and it doesn’t matter if anything is misspelled or if there is a typo here and there. Those comments can be text analysed into easy to access actionable data. The LEANconf team doesn’t have to trawl through dozens of paper forms, either. The results are immediately available in a visual.

The organisers at LEANconf really value what their attenders have to say about all aspects of the events. Venue too cold? Can’t hear the speakers? Let them know immediately and they can do something about it straight away. Have a suggestions for next year’s event? Let them know while it is fresh in your mind. It really does matter and can make all the difference to everyone’s enjoyment of the event, as well as the value you can get out of it this year and next. 

So go on and have your say- it’s anonymous, instant, free as part of your standard mobile package, and your views really matter.