Our service can help your organisation hear more from the people you serve…

Textocracy is the fast, easy, and affordable addition to your consultation or feedback process, giving people a simple, free way to text their comments to your organisation using any simple mobile phone.

Textocracy provides:

  • Your unique phone number for your constituents to use
  • Your unique URL to your instant data dashboard
  • Easy to read, actionable reports of your data

Who are you?

No matter what type of organisation you are, if you have an audience there is a Textocracy package for you

Local Government & NHS

Listening to people’s views of their local services is an important duty for public sector services- especially councils and NHS services. We can design you a cost-effective, affordable solution that helps you reduce your overall resource commitment to doing this.


You know good quality customer feedback can make all the difference to your bottom line. We provide a service that can help you get more comments in an easy to use actionable data set for better business decisions – quickly and affordably.

Small Business

Perfect for small businesses, from hospitality to shop front, if you have customers Textocracy can help you get valuable feedback and data to make powerful business decisions, easily and affordably.

Community & Voluntary

You exist to to provide a valuable support to people who need you and the services you provide. Textocracy gives your service users a free and simple way to have their say and help inform your service design.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to have their voice heard- whether they are a council tax payer, an NHS service user, or a customer paying for a service or product with their hard-earned money- and that we should make it as easy as possible for people to be able to do that.

Our Vision

We want every public service, hospitality service, business, and event to have a Textocracy number. We want Textocracy to be the go-to service for ensuring everyone has chance to have their say.


Textocracy’s service is a great way to manage events in real-time by providing the ability to listen and iterate as you go along… To capture people’s positive feedback as they enjoy an event in our space is particularly rewarding.

We used [Textocracy] for the first time to collect feedback and comments…and I was blown away by how people engaged with it and the valuable stuff we got back.

Jeanne Booth - Chair

Jeanne Booth - Chair

RSA East Midlands

This service has been a real value to our service users and to us as providers- we have been able to make decisions that improve what we offer and people have felt valued and heard.

 Jacqui Bremner - Chief Executive

Jacqui Bremner - Chief Executive

Herefordshire Carers Support

Textocracy has given our users a constant, consistent, and easy way to send us their feedback at any time it’s convenient for them. Since we brought it on board six months ago, the information it has provided about services has been substantial and invaluable.

Chief Executive

Chief Executive

Healthwatch chapter

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About Our Team

Elizabeth Shassere

Founder and CEO

Graham Gardiner

Advisor, Aspiren Ltd, OurCamden CIC

Ken Banks

Advisor, Founder of kiwanja.net FrontlineSMS | Means of Exchange

Richard Lucker

Advisor, Global Proposition Lead at CPP Group